Thursday, January 09, 2020

A few more favorite ornaments

The Christmas tree is still up and decorated at our house, at least through Sunday when we will exchange gifts with our two oldest granddaughters.  Illness kept them from coming on Christmas Eve as is our usual custom.

I took a few photos the other day of ornaments that are new to our tree this year.
 You can't see it very well, but this photo shows a red felt cardinal with holly leaves.  A metal hair clip is hidden under the leaves to clip the cardinal to a tree branch.  I LOVE this and want to make more.  I am sure this is handmade and that no doubt I have the pattern for it in one of my vintage Christmas magazines!  Below is another view.

 The sheet music star above came from one of my friends at the Christmas Friends craft forum in 2018's card swap.  Pretty sure I need to make some of these.
 This is a sweet and tiny hand-knitted stocking.  Think my aunt Dot may have made this.  There's a mitten to match but I couldn't get a good picture of it.  These are adorable and if I could find a crochet version I might be tempted to make some.
Lastly is another ball that was in with my parents' ornaments.  It is tarnished and spotted, but I love it because of the sweet stenciled scene.  If you look just below the heel in the stocking photo above, you will see another similar ornament, sort of a magenta color with a stenciled church and falling snow on it.  That one says "Silent Night" and it, too, is one of my favorites.

Hope you've enjoyed this look at just a few of our ornaments!


  1. Love these sweet ornaments....I espeially like the music sheet one...I have a bunch of Christmas crafts that I want to do but will be doing them though out the year because there was just not enough time the Holiday Season. One of the crafts that I want to do is to make ornaments using music sheets. Love the red cardinal ornament...I convert the tree in my Kitchen over to a Winter Bird Tree using mainly cardinals...Thanks for stopping by!! Glad you liked my posts on Country Folk!!

  2. Christmas ornaments have such lovely memories with them. Yes, I did enjoy seeing your special treasures.

  3. I love ornaments that are made by friends and loved ones, when our grands visited in the summer we would paint wood ornaments, one year we sewed Christmas pillow cases.
    Thank you for sharing.


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