Thursday, March 31, 2022

March muffin recipe: Cranberry Streusel Muffins

I'm sneaking in just under the wire of March 31 with a muffin recipe.  (I've been trying a muffin recipe every month with an eye to next Christmas's kitchen gifts.)   It's been a super busy month which thankfully started out with a quiet week as volunteer caretakers at a camp closed for the winter.  Much of the staff had to be out of state and my hubby and I were asked to stay on site and look after things, make sure pipes didn't freeze, and take care of any necessary snow removal.  It was a most relaxing week.  Cross-stitch on the sunny porch below was part of my relaxation.  The porch was unheated, but on sunny afternoons it was truly comfortable.

The day we returned, we got the news that my mother-in-law was being hospitalized.  She was there about ten days and is now home, but Mr. T and his siblings have been on the go trying to meet her needs and work toward long-term care.  The paperwork, the emails, the phone calls, and much, much more have kept us beyond busy.  Not to mention, our church is finalizing a merger with another church and my hubby is up to his ears in details and legalities regarding that.

So I count it a blessing that I could duck into my actual kitchen yesterday and try out a muffin recipe, then duck into my Christmas kitchen here and share it with you.

The recipe is for Cranberry Streusel Muffins and it's from my blog friend Denise Cunningham at RefreshHer.  I've also been blessed to meet Denise in person, and you can read about that here.  While you are at Denise's blog, you might like to check out her other recipes.  She's a fantastic cook and has an entire indexed page for her recipe links.

Photo by Denise at RefreshHer
 There is a bit of work to putting these together -- you need to chop cranberries and make a streusel topping -- but they are really delicious and so worth the extra minutes.  The streusel topping just makes the muffins!  It is so amazing how very small quantities of a few simple ingredients can produce such a wonderful addition to a baked good.  

I was very pleased with this muffin recipe!  It may be the best of the three I've tried so far.  Try them and see what you think!


  1. Oh my, this answers a question I had reading at Across... Anyway, I am sorry for the concerns with Mr. T's mother.

    I am glad that you mentioned chopping cranberries as that would surely taste better in a muffin. No more muffins for me, but it sure sounds good.

  2. Yes, she entered a nursing home on Monday. Oh, the paperwork and other details! She's doing quite well there -- though I don't think anyone is ever really ready for that transition. But with time I think she will be contented there.

    Yes, chopping cranberries is definitely the way to go. I have used whole cranberries in baked goods, but chopping them is much nicer.

  3. Thanks for your visit to my blog. Your cranberry muffins look delicious. I make cranberry orange muffins and also cranberry white chocolate chip muffins. What a great idea to make a muffin a month. I should try that also.
    Our church is closing down. Not enough of people to go. There are 3 churches in this region for sale. One Anglican and 2 United churches. The younger generation is not interested and this being a french province add to the situation.
    Your Mother-In-Law will be better in a long term home. My oldest sister is in one but we cannot go to visit her at the moment. They have an outbreak with the pandemic. So far, she doesn't have it.
    Happy spring. Thelma.


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