Sunday, July 26, 2020

An untitled Christmas poem

I found this lovely little poem in the 1956 Ideals Christmas magazine:

Snow fell softly through the night,
Covering with unsullied white
Church spire, rooftops, fences, trees,
Making no sound save when the breeze
Whispered against the windowpanes,
Or tiptoed through small country lanes.
The world seemed hushed, as if God's hand
Had laid itself upon the land.
-- Sheila Stinson

Oh, do we need that today -- for God to lay His healing hand upon our land.  May it begin with each of us as we pray for that to happen.

This poem paints such a beautiful picture!


  1. Just lovely. I enjoy poetry but it is hard to find things that resonate with me in modern poetry. I am a Robert Frost and Edwin Guest fan.

  2. The poem does provide a moment of calm. Yes, praying for God's touch, but having just finished reading Hosea...sinful people don't deserve God's touch. They don't even look for it. Praying for revival and for hearts to turn to the only One Who can help us.

    Wow, Mrs. T, July is slipping by fast as all months do, Thank you for providing this extra place of rest in Blogdom. I have so enjoyed it.

  3. Love the picture with the poem. I collect churches to display at Christmas,

  4. So soft! great poem


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