Friday, December 07, 2012

Glittery paper ornaments

That's a glittery paper snowflake above, just to the right of the little lighted building.  I thought that surely I had shared the link to these pretty ornaments before, but I guess that I haven't, so here it is  now:  Winter White Glitter Ornaments .  I made these probably a dozen years ago and had so much fun doing it.  Basically, you cut shapes like snowflakes, stars, or whatever you like out of watercolor paper.  It needs to be a good heavy paper.  Then you brush one side of each shape with a white glue and water mixture and sprinkle heavily with clear glitter.  When it's dry, you turn it over and do the other side the same way.

I am surprised but pleased that these ornaments have held up so well over time.  I keep them in a zip-top plastic bag inside of a box in the attic, where temperatures are variable and things tend to get damp because of the cold winters.  Yet these ornaments look just as nice now as the day I made them.
Glittery star
And a glittery bell.  Think I used a cookie cutter to trace this one.
These are easy enough for older kids to make, but as I said, I had lots of fun making these myself.  I find working with paper, scissors and glue to be very therapeutic -- a great stress reliever.  And a little glitter never  hurts!

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