Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Pretty papers

I know I've written before about my grandmother's Christmas tree and the wondrous packages piled beneath it.  It wasn't so much wondering what was in the packages, or checking to see which ones were for me.  I just loved seeing how she had wrapped them.  My grandmother  seemed at times to keenly regret her lack of higher education, but she absolutely had the soul of an artist and showed it in so many ways -- in the kitchen and pantry, in her seasonal decorating, and so on.  Christmas was the high point of her artistic talents and of our year.  Her gift-wrapping skills were amazing and I simply loved seeing the papers she had chosen.  I'm drawn to gorgeous gift wrap myself, but I will not pay a lot for it.

Recently I came upon some scraps of Christmas gift wrap I had used in years gone by and had saved for crafting purposes.  I thought I would scan these so others can enjoy them too.
Wish I had more than a scrap of this one!

A pretty skating scene

This incredibly beautiful panoramic scene takes my breath away.  How I wish I could paint a scene like this!
Hope you have enjoyed this look at some vintage wrapping paper from my stash.


  1. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Just found your blog and am exploring it. How I remember the wrapping and pretty packages from my mom and her family, and also my creative and more modern uncle and aunt. I treasure those memories, and this post reminds me of them. Sounds like we have similar wonderful memories!

  2. Anonymous, I am so happy to see you here!!! It does indeed sound as if we have similar wonderful memories!

    I hope you will explore here at my Christmas kitchen to your heart's content and that you will find many treasured memories here!


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