Thursday, January 03, 2013

A festive mess

Just some food for thought as we look back over our Christmases of 2012 -- gifts we gave, recipes we tried, decorating and craft ideas that worked (or didn't).  These thoughts came to me a few years ago and I always intended to expand on them before posting them.  On re-reading, I decided these few words will stand just fine on their own and serve as an encouragement to me and maybe to you as well.  Here they are:

A number of years ago, I looked around my house one late December day and declared, "What a mess!"  I don't recall exactly what I was looking at, but it was doubtless the familiar late-December jumble of Christmas shopping bags, wrappings, ribbons, boxes of cards, half-finished gift projects, racks full of cooling cookies, etc.  One of my daughters, in either high school or college at the time, consoled me with these words:  "Well, at least it's a festive mess!"

Those words have stuck with me over the years and have brought a chuckle every time I think about them ... and a good reminder as well.   Every December, there's always a "festive mess" in my home (and probably in yours as well) -- and when you think about the true reason for our festivity, we can only thank God profoundly that we have such great cause for celebration:  the birth of our Savior!

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