Thursday, January 10, 2013

Brown paper gingerbread men

 I made these ornaments many years ago and they are still holding up well.  They are simple and fun, so I thought others might like to try them as well.  You will need:
* Brown paper bag or a roll of brown kraft paper
* Pencil
* Gingerbread man cookie cutter (optional)
* Polyester fiberfill
* Sewing machine (threaded with color thread of your choice; white, tan, brown, or even red would work)
* Pins
* Thread and needle
* Scissors
* Dimensional squeeze-bottle paints in white, black (or dark brown)  and red

1. First draw (or trace, using the cookie cutter) two gingerbread man shapes for each ornament on the brown paper.  Cut out the shapes.
2. Pin the 2 shapes together and sew most of the way around them, leaving room to poke in some fiberfill.  You don't want them too puffy; just use enough to give them a little dimension.
3. After adding the fiberfill, finish sewing the rest of the way around the shape.
4. Thread a needle and add a hanging loop to the top of the gingerbread man by piercing it with the needle, going through both layers.  Trim to size desired and knot ends of thread together at the top.
5. Add eyes, smile, buttons, white "icing" trim and a little red heart if desired, using dimensional paint.
6. Allow paint to dry before hanging the ornament wherever you'd like.
 They look nice not only on the tree, but in a window, on a chandelier, hanging from a rag or evergreen garland, as a package tie-on, or even piled in a basket like real gingerbread men.  Have fun!

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