Saturday, January 05, 2013

Rag garland and silhouette ornaments

One of the Christmas red and green rag garlands in the kitchen
A dozen years ago or so,  I made a number of rag garlands.  Two of them are done in bright Christmas reds and greens and are in our kitchen during this season.  One is over a kitchen window and another draped over the top of a corner cupboard.

I made a third garland in more muted, darker reds and greens to go over the picture window in our living room.  Then, shortly thereafter, I acquired for free a beautiful pine and fir garland with faux berries, real pine cones, etc.  Ever since, that evergreen garland has been over the picture window (with trims changed seasonally) and the darker rag garland has been packed away unused.

This year I decided to try using the rag garland over the windows at the other end of the living room.  I hung some brown-paper gingerbread men and fabric trees on it.  It looked nice, so I left it up, but still felt that it needed something.

Lo and behold, in our daughter's Christmas package, the perfect addition to the garland.  She made these Silhouette Ornaments from scrapbooking paper and they were just the right touch to finish off the garland decorating.  

Aren't they pretty? This spot in the living room really needed something, and I think this was it!

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