Friday, January 04, 2013

"How beautiful!"

We may have all said those words more than once this Christmas season as we viewed a poinsettia, a light display, a decorated table, a snowy landscape or a glittery Christmas village,  listened to a Christmas carol or a carefully practiced Christmas offertory, or as we opened a particularly lovely gift.  I know I probably said them a dozen times or more.  But this time the words were spoken spontaneously by a four-year-old boy.  They will be a special memory of this past Christmas.

He is one of the three grandchildren who, with their parents, were having dinner at our home on Christmas day.  I had planned a little activity for the children to keep them busy while their mom and I put the finishing touches on dinner.  I'd forgotten to bring down something out of my craft closet so, of course all three children had to come along when I went to get it.

The four-year-old, Josiah, had quickly scrambled up the stairs first and was a bit ahead of the rest of us.  As he passed the open door to our bedroom, I heard a little gasp and then, "Oh, how beautiful!"  (Only he said, "bootiful".)  He had caught sight of the lighted tree in our bedroom.  I thought it was so sweet how he just popped out with what he was thinking. He quickly made sure his brother and sister saw the tree as well.
The boy who thought the tree was beautiful
Interestingly, as I had worked in the evenings sewing on Christmas gifts in the room across the hall, I could see the reflection of that lighted tree in the window behind my sewing machine.  And every time I noticed it, I too would find some words to express how beautiful it looked.  I hope that none of us will ever stop noticing the beautiful things in our lives, and being sure we thank God for them.

A favorite glittery house on the lighted tree 
Not sure how we got this effect, but isn't it pretty?

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