Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A fun Christmas decorating find at Marshalls

This vintage parchment card with glittery pine cones was obviously taped up in the recipient's home.  One can still see the mark of the cellophane tape!
A few days after Christmas, Mr. T suggested we stop in at Marshalls and check out their Christmas clearance, which was 60% off.  I was game, of course, but wasn't sure how much might be left to choose from.  There was actually quite a bit.

One thing I always like to look for is Christmas coffee.  One can often find the 12-ounce bags very inexpensively.  There were still some left, so I bought several, plus a 2-pound bag of coffee beans -- the latter was only around $6!  Amazing!  When I find coffee at prices like this, I put it in the freezer and bring it out at a later date.

I also got some Christmas paper napkins -- red with white snowflakes.  These are wonderful to tuck into a gift basket for someone, perhaps with hot cocoa mix, mugs, mug rugs and candy canes, for example.

And I got some nifty stickers that look like Christmas lights -- the big, old-fashioned colored bulbs.

But my favorite buy was this pretty wall hanging.
It's hanging by an old-looking gray velvet ribbon.
It cost just over $3.
A closer look at the picture -- people entering a lighted church on a snowy evening.
A closer look at the bells and holly in the corner.  Love the touches of glitter!
I've been admiring this artwork and thinking about how I could make something similar.  I have scanned many, many of my vintage cards and could easily mod podge one onto a board or even foam core, then add glitter as on this pretty scene.  Smaller ones might make sweet Christmas ornaments.

I am finding myself more motivated than ever to try and make some special Christmas things for the coming year, and to start soon.

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