Friday, July 13, 2018

Poem: The Angels' Song

In an old Ideals Christmas magazine, I came upon this lovely poem:

The Angels' Song

Listen close some winter's night
and hear the angels' song, 
echoing round the moonlit plains
and valleys still and long;

Listen, like the sky is full
of silence and silver stars,
like hillsides lie in sequined snow
and ice from near and far;

Listen, like the quiet creeps
along the panes and eaves,
like frost upon the shoreline grass,
like wind among the trees;

Like shepherds watching o'er their flocks
beside the firelight's glow,
and hear the strains of angels' songs 
no matter where you go.

Deborah A. Bennett

I love the pictures that these words bring to my mind!  Hope others enjoy them, also.


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