Friday, December 02, 2016

Mr. T's wise advice

Well, it had to happen.  It was partway through the day on Thursday, December 1st,  that I finally remembered to turn the calendar over to the new month.  And there in my husband's not-too-neat printing were the words "No homemade gifts beyond this point."

He has just seen too many years of this, beginning with the first year we were married when we were both up late finishing handmade gifts, the only kind we could afford.  Time has passed and we have numerous grandchildren.  I have so enjoyed creating gifts for them.  But life is busier than ever, and somehow I am always down to the wire on the gifts I'm making. 

So last year he told me (and he stuck to it) that as soon as 2016 began,  he was writing a crafting deadline on the calendar.  It doesn't apply to food gifts, of course.  We give lots of those and most cannot be done too far ahead.  (Cookies, which can be made and frozen, are pretty much the exception, but I haven't really begun my cookie baking yet.)

What I decided to do, and it has worked well, is to make handmade gifts for the kids' birthdays instead.  We have birthdays in March, April, May, June, August, September, November, and December.  I've finished the December birthday gifts and they are on their way!

And you know, this is great.  As much as I love making things in December, I am going to enjoy the season more this way.  I have several ornament ideas I want to try, and I do find myself much more relaxed and able to be in the moment.  So I'm thankful for my hubby's wise counsel.  I know he was only looking out for my best interests and trying to reduce my stress level.

There may come a time when we will feel I can make a few handcrafted gifts in December again.  But now, this busy season of eldercare and other responsibilities, is not the time.  I'll enjoy it to the fullest with a light heart.


  1. I never quite get the timing right for Christmas crafts. The Festive season is upon us again and Im getting inspired from all directions. I suddenly had an idea the other day for a Kitchen craft..and I didnt wait for once and completed it within hours. And it looks cute!
    Have a great weekend and Happy Crafting
    Phoebe x

  2. How great that you could act on your idea for a kitchen craft and could complete it so quickly. What fun! I love crafting during December, but this year it won't be gifts, but rather ornaments and other decorations and maybe even the Christmas curtains I have been wanting to make for years!

  3. I start the Christmas crafts when life is slower... which means January and February for the upcoming Christmas. I know people think I'm crazy but for me it works out best this way

  4. That's a really good idea, Lucie. I often try to do that but then I get sidetracked doing things for birthdays. This year and next for sure, I am concentrating on doing the handmade gifts for birthdays, and spread them out throughout the year.


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