Tuesday, December 13, 2016

More from our busy weekend

I didn't actually get photos of every event during the weekend, but I'll share what I have.  Above, again in front of the fireplace at McDonalds.  Julia has developed a habit of widening her eyes when a picture is being taken.  I forgot to remind her not to do that!

The seats by the fireplace are, of course, our favorites.  We claimed those as well as a nearby table.   Josiah wanted to sit there with Grampa, and Julia wanted to sit there with Grammy.  So the ladies began their meal there and then partway through, gave way to the gentlemen.

Gingerbread coffee at the fireside --- mm-mmm!
After our yummy breakfast, we headed off to do some Christmas shopping. we found lots of good deals for the kids to get for their parents and baby sister.  I also found lots of components for these Art Boxes

Josiah with his art box many years ago.
Mackenzie with her art box even longer ago.  Kids love these!
that I am putting together for two grandsons out West, as well as some baking ingredients and so on.

Then it was on to the ice cream smorgasbord!
Four out of the five sundaes
American flags on top are traditional
No whipped cream?  What was he thinking?

Grampa did not forget whipped cream!
Nor did Grammy. 
The player piano, playing Christmas carols, is always a huge hit with the kids, and they take turns feeding it quarters!
We then took the kids home and I made a salad to take to that evening's event -- a company party for my hubby's work.  Then it was on the road again, to the nursing home to see my dad.  Sunday was going to be too busy to see him that day as we usually do.  We brought along his Nativity scene and set it up, along with the stable he built himself.

We got home from there with about 15 minutes to get ready and head out again to the party.  It was a wonderful time -- great fellowship and camaraderie over a sumptuous meal.  Mr. T's boss and his family go out of their way to make every employee feel valued and special.

Sunday was the usual round of Sunday School, church, and potluck lunch.  Then we enjoyed our annual Sunday School gift exchange.  We draw names and it's always fun to find a small gift the recipient will enjoy.

Following the gift exchange, a good number of us piled into cars and headed off to go Christmas caroling.  Thankfully, it was mostly sunny and not too cold when we started out.  But the cold settled in soon enough and we headed home. 

Yes, a busy weekend.  But it was also a weekend of special times with family and friends.  Just what the season should be!


  1. You said it best ... busy but very special times with family and friends. I just wish the month of December could be one week longer. ;-)
    We hosted our first party Sunday. This Sunday we have a Sunday School party with our class, after we have a group of friends from church coming to play games and have a Christmas dinner.
    Have a blessed week!!

  2. I know what you mean about wishing the month was longer. It seems there is never enough time to do all we'd like to and see all the people we'd like to.

    Your Christmas hospitality sounds just wonderful. What a blessing to be able to host your Sunday School class and friends from church!


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