Monday, December 05, 2016

Outside my real Christmas kitchen window ...

~ outside the kitchen door, from a previous year ~
it's beginning to look a lot like winter!  We are experiencing our first significant snowfall of the season.  It was predicted to start at 7 a.m. (and it was remarkably close to that time) but the one inch that was forecast has turned into several.  It's nearly 1 p.m. and still snowing.

I have a long-standing tradition that I will bake some type of Christmas cookies on the day of the first real snowstorm of the season.  So today, in my real Christmas kitchen, I am baking Whipped Shortbread Cookies.

If you use your imagination, you may be able to smell them, all buttery and just slightly sweet, with crunchy colored sugar on top.

Later, I may make some fudge, but we will see.  Lots of housework needs doing today too: many loads of laundry, and the bane of my existence, vacuuming.  I also want to wash the dining room windows (insides only, for obvious reasons) before hanging my Simple Christmas Card Banners.
Have a wonderful December Monday, all!


  1. As I read your post I got a comfy, cozy feeling! I grew up in Kansas where we had snow. I can remember it being white and still outside, while inside the smell of fresh baked cookies wafted through the house. Yum!

  2. Vicki, I am glad you could feel the comfy coziness of my snow day yesterday! My cookies didn't turn out as well as I hoped, but the taste and aroma were perfect. So glad I could trigger a memory for you!

  3. Just a little snow here for now. Isn't it beautiful when the trees are packed?

    1. Oh, it is! Our snow is mostly melted off the evergreens now, but I have no doubt we will get more. We have a little fir tree outside with colored lights that look so pretty glowing through the snow.


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