Sunday, December 11, 2016

Busy weekend

It was a very busy weekend indeed.  Fully booked.  I will try and pop in tomorrow and give more of an update, but yesterday morning we took three of our grandkids on our traditional outing of a meal out, shopping for their parents and baby sister, and then out for ice cream at a favorite shop.

Here Josiah is relaxing in McDonalds with his feet up on the hearth.  We love this McDonalds because it has a fireplace, a lodge-type theme and a talking moose head on the wall.

I hope to be back here tomorrow with more of a report as to how things went with our weekend, but for tonight I'll just say that it was both busy and enjoyable.  Festive, too.


  1. It is a Wonderful Time of the Year. Spending time with family and friends is just what we should do. :-)
    xx oo

    1. Absolutely, Carla! This is such a perfect season to spend time with family and friends. Our weekend was spent doing just that!

  2. Replies
    1. It was indeed great, Regine!

  3. It was a fun day, Vicki! I hope to post more photos later today.


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