Thursday, July 22, 2021

A sweet ornament to make using a pine cone


I have always loved crafting Christmas ornaments.  From my very first attempts as a child, to helping my own kids make ornaments, and now as a grandmother, I have just so enjoyed this process.  I like using natural materials too, like the tiny hemlock cones in the ornament above.

Well, here is an adorable ornament to make from a pine cone!  This cute idea is from Debbie Chapman at One Little Project.  Debbie says that other than the pine cone, she found nearly all the materials she needed at the dollar store.

Here is the link to the tutorial: Pinecone Snowman Ornaments

Photo by Debbie at One Little Project

The materials include paint, styrofoam balls, chenille stems, ribbon, and a few other odds and ends that most crafters will have on hand.  

This could be a really fun project to do with kids or grandkids this summer!  All that "snow" on the pine cone just might make us feel cooler ...


  1. Another great idea to try with my Grands!

  2. What a cute ornament. I like crafting with pine cones also. Happy Summer.


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