Saturday, July 24, 2021

Why not make a plan now for Christmas-themed Bible reading?


It's all too easy to have good intentions to do a Christmas or Advent Bible study during the Christmas season,  and then just not get around to it.  Last December 2, I wrote a post about it not being too late to start a Christmas or Advent study, but I want to remind everyone now to make a plan for doing so this year.  You can make it a simple plan, which will surely fit more easily into those busy December days, but by all means do it.  We must cling more tightly to our faith than ever, and this daily reminder is a wonderful way to help us do so.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to participate in Abby's 25 Days of God-Given Gifts at Little Birdie Blessings.  Abby has beautiful free graphics -- like the one at the top of this post -- for each day, as well as verses and illustrations for each God-given gift.  These readings are not lengthy but they are most meaningful, so you might wish to go over and look at this series each day, maybe writing out the verses and even journaling them using the SOAP method of meditating on Scripture.  Abby also provides links to follow the series on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Another relatively easy way to do a December Bible study  is by doing a Scripture writing challenge.  You can find  a number of Scripture writing and journaling plans at Rachel Wojo, among other places.  One from Rachel Wojo that I have done in the past is the plan titled The Light.  I found it a blessing!


Another great source for Bible journaling plans is Sweet Blessings.   Shannon has many, many wonderful plans to choose from.  Here is one of her December plans: Peace.

And  here is another: Gifts & Blessings.

I hope you'll take a few moments today to ponder some of these options for a simple Christmas-themed Bible study.  I promise it will enrich your December!

(Edited to add: The winner of this week's give*away is Vicki!  Vicki, is the address I have for you the correct one?  I will email you to make sure before sending out your little gift.)


  1. Yay, Thank you, Sara! I never win anything...
    The past couple of years I've been doing devotionals/studies on YouVersion. Each year the offer several Advent/Christmas related plans. I enjoy them so much! This is a great reminder post that it's ok to plan ahead, even in spiritual matters.

  2. Thanks Mrs T, I am going to print out a plan and use it in my planner!

  3. Thanks for this post!


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