Thursday, July 15, 2021

A sweet gift idea from a creative friend


 Take a look at these pretty earrings!  My friend Rachel has a little business making and selling these clay earrings.  It's called Mountain Mud -- a fun and clever name.  You can see her earrings here on Instagram: Mountain Mud.  Wouldn't the gold and white earrings above would be festive for the holidays?

I had purchased some red, white and blue earrings from Rachel (who is a real-life friend of mine) to wear for the Fourth of July and other patriotic holidays.  I was surprised at how light and comfortable these clay earrings are to wear!  While I was putting the earrings on to wear them for the first time, I happened to think that my blog readers might like to know about her business.  These earrings would make wonderful gifts!

Here is another set with a bit of a festive look:

 The earrings above are $20.  One can see that there is a good bit more work involved in making them, with the tiny flowers and leaves.

And these "sweater studs" below, made to look like one's favorite cozy sweater, might also be nice Christmas gifts:

Rachel's earring prices are very reasonable.  The price on the sweater studs pictured above is only $7 for one pair or $15 for three pairs.  The gold and white earrings at the very top of the post are $11.

 Rachel offers free shipping anywhere in the US,  and I can attest to the fact that the earrings arrive carefully packaged in a cute Mountain Mud box, inside of a padded envelope.

And, in case you can't wait, or just want some summer earrings, check out these adorable daisies that are $14 a pair, 

and the patriotic earrings I purchased for myself, which were $12.

Hope you've enjoyed this peek at some of Rachel's amazing creations!  She's always looking to add new designs, so if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, or if you prefer one of these styles in a different color, just message her and ask!


  1. They are Beautiful! She is doing a wonderful job. Precious gifts

  2. I know. She is doing an amazing job!


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