Monday, July 12, 2021

The year of the crocheted hat


For Christmas 2020 it seems that I made a crocheted hat for nearly every grandchild, plus one for my hubby and one that I ended up with for myself.  I honestly don't even know how I got started, but it may have been when I was going through some old emails from Everything Etsy and found this pattern for an Easy Crochet Hat.  I decided to try and make one, and I was hooked.  (No pun intended.)
I learned a few things along the way, and one was that the hats turned out too stretchy when made with a soft yarn like Caron's Simply Soft.   They looked okay, but I made one for my hubby using that yarn and it wasn't long at all before it became all stretched out and misshapen.
Just a regular worsted weight acrylic is probably best.  I used the Red Heart Super Saver yarn for some of these.  For others I used a Bernat yarn.  Kim, the designer, said she prefers Vanna's Choice yarn.  The hat in the top photo was made with a self-striping yarn that I really enjoyed using.

These hats are incredibly quick and easy to make up!  You could easily make a bunch of them this summer while sitting at the beach or by the pool.  Check out the Easy Crochet Hat Pattern, grab some yarn and a size H hook and give it a try.  Working in the back stitches gives it an intricate ribbed look, but it is truly very easy.


  1. I took note of the pattern. I might make a few of these and add some scarves for the homeless bags I make

    1. That's a wonderful idea, Lucie! This pattern is so quick and easy. I have an easy scarf pattern here someplace too.


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