Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Personalized photo gift ideas for kids


Since sharing yesterday's post about the Shutterfly tote bags, I've been thinking about other personalized photo gifts I've made.  I mentioned in a 2019 post that I've made some memory games, like the one above, for gifts.  These are so much fun to make!  You can find more inspiration at Shutterfly, here: memory games.  I'll tell you, too, that some memory games can be more complicated than you think.  I made one for a Nevada grandson featuring logging machines.  I played it with him and found it quite challenging as some trucks and machines look quite a bit alike.  Below is one of my more recent ones.

Jigsaw puzzles are another really good gift and so much the more when they are made from a photo your kids love or that will jog a wonderful memory for them.  Shutterfly's puzzle options are here.  Below are a couple that I have made.  I had to take the easy way out and snag screenshots from the Shutterfly web site, since I don't have photos of all of these.

Photo books can also be fantastic gifts for kids.  One of these started out with an ABC book theme; the other was just a regular photo book that I turned into an ABC book along the way.

Hope this post sparks a few ideas for gifts you can go ahead and make now for the kids in your life!


  1. Great suggestions! You are so clever and creative, your posts inspire me to try new things.

  2. That is so great, Vicki! I'm glad you are enjoying the posts about photo gifts. I have made so many over the years and they really are wonderful for capturing memories.

  3. You always have such great ideas! thanks


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