Saturday, July 10, 2021

Does this Christmas cookie ever sound delicious!


 Over time I've learned that there are some recipe developers that I can trust every single time.  So far, anyway.  Of course everyone makes mistakes, but usually I can tell what a recipe will taste like from the ingredients list, and I wouldn't be likely to even try a recipe that didn't sound good to me.

That said, one of my most trusted sources for good recipes is Sue Moran, at The View from Great Island.  Seeing some of Sue's recipes on Instagram sent me to visit her site.  Once I did, I immediately signed up to get her emails.  I've tried a number of Sue's recipes and all have been fantastic; she just seems to have a knack for developing excellent recipes.  Her food photography skills are amazing also, making every recipe look so tempting.

This Christmas cookie recipe looks like a must-try for me: Copy Cat Harry and David Fruit Galettes.  It's been awhile since I've seen a Harry and David catalog, so I had to look it up.  Below is a screenshot:

Wondering why they are called galettes?  I wondered too so I had to check the dictionary:


I guess the cookies would fit the definition of "a flat round cake of pastry".  They do look delicious, but the idea of a copy cat recipe sounded even better as I read Sue's post.  Using one's own high quality ingredients (and they are quite simple for this recipe) and adding a generous quantity of love sounds just like what I want to do concerning Christmas cookies.  Sue even includes special gift tags with an ingredient list for you to download and print to use in gifting your fruit galettes.

Here is one of her glorious photos:

Photo by Sue Moran at The View from Great Island

If we get a cool day this month, either I or Mr. T will likely be trying out this recipe! 

(Edited to add: The winner of this week's give*away is Sue!  Sue, I have sent you an email, so as soon as you can, send me your mailing address and I will get your little gift into the mail.  And, for those who are interested, I will be posting about a little give*away each Tuesday, picking a winner each Friday, and notifying said winner on Saturday.)


  1. Always nice to try out new recipes and see which ones are keepers

  2. Yes, it is really nice. I hope we'll get a cool day soon so I can try these. Actually, we *had* a few cool days, but my oven is broken so I couldn't use it. Hoping to get it fixed today!


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