Saturday, July 03, 2021

Great ideas for Christmas sewing in July


Photo from Moda Fabrics
Moda Fabrics had a great blog post some years ago (2014, but only recently discovered by me) titledMake it Today: Christmas in July. 

I will only share a couple of quotes, since I hope you will click over and read the article for yourself.

The author of the post notes, "Planning and sewing Christmas projects during the summer months makes good sense: not only will you have plenty of time to plan and complete Christmas sewing, but you also won't have trouble finding your favorite pieces from [the] brand new Christmas collections." 

"Not only is now the perfect time to shop for the latest in Christmas fabrics, but most importantly it's time to decide what to make with them! Don't get caught waiting until fall to begin: by then  you might not have enough time to complete all of your wonderful ideas."

The post also had some excellent suggestions for projects to work on in the summer months.  Here are some of the ideas:

  • Christmas pillows
  • Christmas table runners and table toppers
  • Christmas wall hangings
  • Christmas stockings
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Christmas tags
  • Christmas kitchen items: pot holders, dish towels, and place mats
  • Christmas gift bags of all sizes
  • I'm also going to share with you a link to a post I wrote a few years back sharing some project ideas for  Using up some of one's Christmas fabric stash.  I hope it's helpful as well!


  1. Thank you for the ideas. I've come to look forward to your CIJ posts every year- they make July fun and get me focused on holiday prep. I'm going to check out the links now.

  2. I will go have a look see. Maine stores...all of them...had to comply with an edict from on high and so got rid of all bags, both paper and plastic. I am looking for a bag pattern...nice and easy...and one made from a fabric that is both cheap and rugged and will take multiple washings. I don't think this is going to be fun for any of us. I can't imagine being a clerk and having to touch people's old market bags. It's only two days in and some of them look pretty gnarly.

  3. I agree ... summer is the best time to start prepping upcoming homemade Christmas gifts.


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