Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A thoughtful gift

My friend Rhonda brought me the most lovely gift as a thank-you for hosting last week's cookie swap at my home.  Yes, that is it above!  You can't tell (unless you double-click on the photo, which you may wish to do) but there is a chickadee on those berry branches to the left, an owl and pine cone to the right, and a sweet deer sniffing at a snowflake just to the right of center.  I love it! 

And best of all, it matches these plates:

And this wax warmer:

which my daughter Carrie gave me last year for my birthday.

A thoughtful gift, indeed.  No thank-you gift was needed, but I am thrilled with this platter!


  1. Adorable and practical! Rhonda is a sweetheart.

  2. Indeed she is! She knew that I had at least one of the plates, and I'm sure that's why she chose this.


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