Friday, December 29, 2017

Classic no-bake cookies with a festive variation

Knowing that our granddaughters would be with us for our Christmas Eve supper, I decided to make some classic chocolate no-bake cookies.  One of the girls is not a fan of traditional cookies, as most are made with eggs, an ingredient she is sensitive to.  I would have fudge on the cookie tray, which she does eat, but I also happened to think of no-bakes, a real favorite of hers.  I brainstormed a bit as to how I might dress them up as a Christmas cookie.

It was pretty simple and I already had all of the ingredients at hand.  First, I estimated how many marshmallows I might need and cut them in half crosswise, placing them in a small bowl so that a bowl of marshmallow halves would be all ready when I was ready to drop the cookies onto waxed paper.  (I didn't want to put marshmallows on all of the cookies, not knowing for sure how they would be received.)

Then I cooked up a batch of my favorite no-bakes.  For years, I had sporadic results with this classic cookie.  I tried various recipes.  Sometimes the cookies firmed up and sometimes they stayed really sticky and gooey.  This is the recipe I now use, from my friend Veralisa:
So, as I spooned each cookie onto the waxed paper, I placed a marshmallow half atop it, pressing the cut side down.  Then I allowed the cookies to harden.

After the cookies were set, I drizzled some melted chocolate over each one.  I happened to have some on hand that I had used for making the chocolate-dipped oranges.

Another time, I am going to sprinkle some of these cookies with crushed candy canes, as I think that would be delicious as well as pretty.


  1. That is a real doctoring! You have made them very festive.

  2. Thanks, Vee! They are delicious, too. I did try some with crushed candy canes atop the chocolate drizzle, and those are even prettier and taste delicious too.

  3. I too have had mixed results with these! I'll add your recipe to my arsenal and hope I have as good results. Love your variation with the marshmallow.

    1. I hope the recipe works out well for you, Lauren! It behaves for me pretty much every time.


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