Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Another vintage card

Just popping in very quickly this morning as I didn't get here yesterday.  I was occupied with things in the real Christmas kitchen so had very little computer time.  A friend and I hosted a cookie swap here at my house.  Hopefully I'll get back here later today and share about that.  But for now, here's another recent find that lovers of antiques and vintage will enjoy seeing.

This is titled "Home for Christmas" and depicts a family just arriving at grandmother's house after disembarking from a stagecoach.  The baggage indicates they intend to stay for awhile and have brought gifts.  Grandmother looks very pleased indeed to see them. 

Although this scene is out of the 1800s (I would guess), the card itself is likely from the early 1940s.  It was an unused card found in an old box full of odds and ends.  I just never know what I will find in this clearing-out process.  It's like a treasure hunt in many ways!


  1. One of the things I like best about vintage cards is the colors. And the graphics. And the nostalgia. Whether they're muted or jewel-toned with glitter, there's just something about the style of cards from years gone by!

  2. And the fonts, too. Very often the fonts are so unique and interesting! I have been finding so many vintage cards and want to scan many of them to share here.

  3. A treasure hunt...perfect for the journey that you are on. I’d like to see what greeting cards looked like in the 1800s. Was Christmas as romanticized as this card from the 40s depicts? Now you’ll have me on a treasure hunt!

  4. Well that was interesting! The History of the Christmas Card... ☺️ Thanks for the diversion...

  5. Now I need to do some hunting for that myself. I'd like to know, too, what greeting cards looked like in the 1800s.


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