Tuesday, December 26, 2017

December 26

It was a quiet day for the most part.  I did laundry, put away a lot of the wrappings and cards.  We did get 2 more cards from folks today, so I will be sending some out in response to those.  Supper was easy as we had leftover Ranch House Chicken from yesterday's Christmas dinner.  I just made some mashed potatoes and baked a butternut squash to go along with it.

Decorated my last jar of Christmas Jam in preparation for giving it to neighbors.  Cut the last batch of fudge, wrapped and froze it.

Spent an hour or more at my dad's going through old things.  It is like a treasure hunt some days!

I also opened all of my cards (at long last!) from a Christmas card swap I took part in.  Such creativity!  I hope to scan the cards and show you all eventually.

Speaking of cards, the one at top is another of my recent finds.  I love it.  The house actually looks a bit like our house.  And, just there at the far left, do you see what I see?  Yes!  A mailbox!  You will want to click to enlarge this lovely picture.


  1. I am still sitting here in the middle of “stuff.” Yesterday was devoted to three hours of snow clean-up that required a three-hour nap to recover. Yikes!

    I do love that scene...very picturesque.

  2. Yikes indeed! Snow cleanup is not for sissies. Not that frigid weather (as we are having today) is any picnic, but at least one doesn't have to shovel it.


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