Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A great resource!

This is going to sound silly ... but I really wish you would all check out my Christmas in July posts.  Go ahead -- go right over there to the label cloud in the sidebar at right and click on "Christmas in July". You'll find some great ideas there.  I can say this because most of them are not original with me.  I've linked to dozens of wonderful Christmas projects and ideas, many of which will be new to you.  I always find these great ideas in July (or earlier, if I schedule the posts) and I need to go back and look at them closer to Christmas when I may be in need of some fresh inspiration.  So go ahead ... check out Christmas in July tonight or tomorrow.  I plan to!


  1. I too sometimes go back to my CIJ posts - don't post much during the real Christmas season but I do for CIJ.

    1. Your Christmas in July posts are great, Lucie. I am going back to some of mine this weekend.


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