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I have so many favorite Gooseberry Patch cookbooks that I had a hard time choosing one to review.  Their numbered Leisure Arts Christmas books are probably my very favorites, as they have fabulous photos and detailed project instructions.  But the cookbooks are fantastic also.  Today I want to introduce you to (or remind you of) Christmas Pantry.

I think I bought my copy in a Cracker Barrel somewhere in the South.  The subtitle is "A Christmas keepsake filled with tasty recipes, delightful holiday ideas & fond remembrances", and that's a very accurate description of this book.  One thing that particularly appeals to me about Christmas Pantry is that, just like a real pantry, it is so well-stocked with ingredients, recipes, and memories for a country Christmas. 

Here's a rundown of the chapters: Frosty Mornings is, of course, all about breakfast. I have made the Raspberry French Toast numerous times; it's great with blueberries too.  The Cheesy Holiday Eggs (made in custard cups) sound fantastic.  Many more yummy breakfast recipes may be found here.

Welcome Friends is all about appetizers.  The Holiday Cheese Ball is a favorite with us.  I've also tried, and liked, the Herb-Marinated Cheese.  You're sure to find a new and different appetizer to welcome friends and family to your home!

Hearty Holiday Fare features main dishes of all types for the holiday meals.  The Italian Beef is a slow cooker recipe for using in sandwich buns and it is fantastic -- would be great after a day of shopping or decorating.  Another that I really want to try is the meatless Roasted Vegetables & Pasta.  Lots of main-dish inspiration here!

As you might guess, Christmas Sideboard is loaded with all manner of side dishes -- everything from soup to salads and veggies to breads.  The Broccoli Noodle Soup is one that I've tried and loved.  The Firecracker Stew is also excellent.  But don't stop there -- this chapter is filled with great recipes.

Dessert Sampler is just that; a sampling of festive desserts from cakes to cookies to pies to fudge.  I have not tried any of the dessert recipes, but the Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake sounds like a good one to begin with!

Christmas in the Country is a collection of fabulous decorating ideas for a country Christmas.  If you are a DIY type, you will find a bunch of ideas here to try.  The Memory Jars look like a wonderful and easy idea.  I have made the spice votive candles as described in the Candle Ornaments, but did not add wire to hang them.

If you like to make your own gifts, you'll find plenty of inspiration in the Handmade Gifts chapter.  There are instructions for everything from bird treats to a keepsake cookbook.

Farmhouse Pantry is filled with kitchen gifts: jar mixes for hot chocolate, soups, and of course cookies.  Lots of great ideas!  I love giving kitchen gifts at Christmas!

Christmas Memories Collection is just what you might expect -- a collection of wonderful memories from all over.  Some of the traditions shared here just might prompt you to start a new tradition in your own family.  It's so heartwarming to read about how others celebrate the season.

Of course, with any Gooseberry Patch book, there is something extra.  In addition to the absolutely gorgeous illustrations, you will find sprinkled throughout the chapters quotes, craft and decorating ideas, and so on.  Every page has a little added treat of some sort.  Here's a fun idea:  "Wire together several jingle bells, then top with a homespun bow and a loop.  Slipped over a doorknob, they'll joyfully greet all your holiday guests!"  Another lovely idea is that of framing something small and sentimental -- a handwritten recipe or a tiny mitten, for example -- as a gift. 

As you can tell, I love this book!  Why not go to Gooseberry Patch or to Amazon and find a copy of Christmas Pantry for yourself?

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  1. You made me hungry. I NEED that book now ;)

  2. They had used copies on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price, so you should be able to find one. I love the illustrations as much as the recipes and other content!


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