Thursday, July 11, 2013

Recipe Cards ~ a fun stocking stuffer idea

Recipe card above is just a sample of the selection at Graphic Garden.
A fun little stocking stuffer for cooks of all ages is recipe cards.  There are so many great free printable recipe cards out there!  Print them out on card stock, cut them out and tie a  stack of them together with a ribbon, jute, or baker's twine.  You have a sweet stocking stuffer all ready to go!

You need not restrict yourself to Christmas themed recipe cards, though there are tons of them out there.  Graphic Garden has many, many designs available in all different themes.  Check them out here: Free Printable Recipe Cards.  There are all manner of seasonal themes, plus food themes like pie, cake, bread, preserves, tea, and so on.

Shabby Princess is another site that has some wonderful free recipe cards to download.  Check them out here: Shabby Princess holiday recipe collection!   This is one of the nicest sets I've ever seen.
Just one example from the Shabby Princess holiday recipe collection
I found these Free Printable Gingerbread Recipe Cards via Tipnut's Crafty Christmas.  Incidentally, I now find that the Crafty Christmas page has disappeared and the link I shared no longer works.  I've made inquiries and am trying to find out what happened with it.

Tipnut does have a very nice printable recipe card collection and I hope you can access it here: Tipnut's recipe card collection.  There are over 55 different designs linked to.  The cards are made with all sorts of different motifs from retro to modern, flowers to food, and everything in between.  I fell in love with this one: vintage baking girl, which shows a 1950s little girl frosting cookies.

Why not print out a few recipe cards to tuck in the Christmas stocking of your favorite cook?


  1. What a great idea!

  2. Thanks, Vicki! Have fun with it!

  3. That is a good idea - maybe for the teens too!

  4. I thought so too, Luludou! Even younger kids who can print neatly and who are learning to cook would like their own recipe cards, I am sure. I know I would have loved them, and I'm sure my grandchildren would find it fun.


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