Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Christmas devotional poem ~ "What is Christmas?"

I have spent quite awhile searching for another Christmas devotional I wrote some years ago, with the idea of sharing it today.  I know that it is somewhere tucked away, still written on the index cards I originally jotted it down on.  Since I haven't yet located it, I thought I would share instead a Christmas poem from the back of an old church bulletin.  This poem is by Ruth H. Underhill.

 A home with gleaming windows
Of dancing candle llight,
Glistening stars of silver
High o'er a blanket of shimmering white.

Crimson poinsettias 'mid holly and pine,
Shining balls on a tree,
Happy children's faces
Makes Christmas precious to me.

Candy canes of red and white,
Presents with satin bows,
A friendly chat with a loved one
By an amber log that glows.

A Bible on the mantle
Bright eyes of a girl and a boy
As they hear the Christmas story
Singing Christmas joys.

A tiny Babe in a manger
God's gift from heaven above,
The very reason for Christmas
Perfected through His love.
-- Ruth H. Underhill


  1. Thanks, Luludou! It's always nice to see you here in my Christmas kitchen!

  2. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Honored that you used my poem on your page!
    Ruth H. Underhill -East Peoria, IL.

  3. And I am honored to hear from you, Ruth! It's a beautiful poem!


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