Saturday, July 06, 2013

Absolutely adorable ornaments ... from paint sticks!

Photo and design by Today's Fabulous Finds
So my plan for today was to share a simple tutorial on putting together cross-stitch ornaments.  I've made many over the years, some finished very simply and others made stuffed with a music box inside.  There are a few that we put on our tree every year.  But do you think I can find pictures of them?  Nope.  Most of them predated digital cameras, and I just haven't thought to get pictures of them on this camera.  And I really, really don't want to venture into our extremely hot attic to try and figure out what box of ornaments they might be in.  Maybe I can whip up an ornament to use as an example here, but it won't be until later in the month.

My plan B was to look at Tipnut's Homemade Ornaments and see if I could find some good ideas.  This one caught my eye because the ornaments look similar to some little unpainted wooden signs I have.  But no -- these are made from paint sticks (or paint stirrers) and they are so sweet!  Go here for the tutorial:  printable paint stick ornaments.  I definitely need to make some of these.  Maybe you do also!  Have fun!


  1. Thanks! I really like these and will look them up.

  2. Aren't they just the cutest? You'd never know they started with paint sticks. She has a couple of other sets of printable sayings too ... one, I think, is the names of Christ and another is just sayings like "simplify", "home sweet home" and so on, if I am remembering right.


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