Saturday, July 27, 2013

A fun stocking stuffer idea -- fabric covered binder clips

J. made these with strawberry prints because I collect strawberries!
While working in the kitchen this morning, I was musing on what to share here today.  I happened to be mixing up a batch of gluten free all purpose flours, and as I closed up the bags of the various components, I thought about what I was using for bag closures.  Some years ago, my friend J. had made some lovely fabric covered binder clips.  They work beautifully for closing up any bag.  I thought they would make nice stocking stuffers and would be useful for almost anyone.  So here is a link to a tutorial: Fabric covered binder clips.  Here is the photo from the tutorial which I think is quite a bit clearer than my own photo:
Photo from How About Orange
You could suit the fabric to the various recipients and use prints that reflect their tastes or interests.  Have fun with this idea!


  1. Clever (and cute) idea!

  2. Isn't it? I would never have thought of doing this and was just amazed at how cute they were when my friend gave me a half dozen or so. Now I want to make some!


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