Monday, July 08, 2013

Christmas cookie exchange! -- another of my Pinterest boards

 (Photo by Taste of Home -- these pastel spritz, made with jello, are another favorite here!)
For today, I'm going to share another of my newer Pinterest boards -- Christmas Cookie Exchange!

I get quite a few blogs by email and I have often seen cookie recipes that would be great for Christmas (and often for other times of year as well.  As long as they are not actually Christmas themed or red and green, the smaller, fancier cookies work well for teas, showers, weddings, receptions, birthdays and so on.  So don't restrict yourself to using these recipes for Christmas).

Anyway, I decided to start pinning these recipes to their own special board.  I named it Christmas Cookie Exchange! because I have always wanted to host a cookie exchange.  Maybe someday I will!  More about that tomorrow!  Until then, enjoy my virtual cookie swap.


  1. ok, now I have to follow you on pinterest ;)

  2. I will look forward to seeing you there! Pinterest can be addictive and I do pin a lot of ideas I see on blogs I follow. But I actually go to Pinterest itself very rarely.


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