Monday, July 01, 2013

Vintage Christmas cards and sentiments ...

A card from my personal collection ... love its patriotic look!
Happy July!

If all works out according to plan (and it's always possible that it won't!), I'll be posting here daily during the month of July, for Christmas in July.  A number of bloggers do this and it's always fun and interesting to see what they post.  Inspiring, too.  We can all use a good dose of Christmas spirit mid-year and some good ideas for gifts, decorating, and so on. 

I'm planning some book reviews, some recipes, some craft and decorating ideas, some devotional thoughts, and some shared inspiration from my Pinterest boards. 

To start, I thought I'd share one of my newer Pinterest boards, Christmas Cards and Sentiments.  This board contains a lot of pins from my own blogs, as well as some from other folks on Pinterest.

As many of my readers know, years ago I acquired a lot of vintage Christmas cards, simply because people knew I used them in crafting with children in Sunday School and in a kids' art class I was teaching.  People gave me cards by the bagful.  Many of them I did use with the kids.  Others were too old, fragile, and just plain beautiful to use in crafting with children, so I saved those to display and have scanned many of them to share with my readers.  A couple of years ago I noticed that many of these little cards had messages using interesting fonts, and sweet little vignettes inside the cards, so I scanned some of those as well.  That's why I titled this board Christmas Cards and Sentiments -- because the sentiments are often as interesting as the pictures.

I hope others will have as much fun checking out this board as I have had adding to it.  Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Nice collection of vintage images, Mrs. T - I may 'borrow' a few of them for Christmas projects.


  2. Thanks, Les!

    I have quite a few more of these that I have scanned but haven't posted anywhere. I have great intentions of using some of these for projects myself (mostly ornaments) but we will see. Feel free to borrow any of my images that you like ... and let me know if there's something specific you are looking for. I may have one!


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