Thursday, July 04, 2013

Sweet stocking stuffer -- a handmade mini journal

Today I thought I would share an idea for a stocking stuffer.  I made a little quote journal as a gift for a friend whose child was undergoing a kidney transplant.  It is small and easily kept in a purse or pocket.

I have a journal like this but mine is made in a small 2-ring binder, the type that is made to hold index cards.  I filled it with encouraging quotes and Bible verses, and over the years it has been easy to take along when waiting at a hospital or doctor's office.

When my friend mentioned that she hadn't brought her own Bible to the hospital with her, the wheels started turning and  I knew a mini quote journal would make a great gift for her.   At first I thought I would make her the binder type like mine.  But I couldn't find the small binders locally, so I went looking for a substitute.

What I found was a little spiral bound notebook of 50 3x5 index cards.  This is actually much better for the purpose because it is small and flat and easy to keep handy.  And it was so easy to decorate!

I adhered scrapbook paper to both the front and back covers with rubber cement, but use whatever adhesive you prefer.  Printed self-adhesive paper or shelf liner would work too if you found a small enough print. 

When the covers were dry, I bound the three edges on each cover (skipping the spiral edge, of course) with washi tape.  I also put a strip of contrasting washi tape across the top part of the cover below the spiral binding because my scrapbook paper wasn't quite straight.  I apologize that the pictures are a bit blurry, but you get the idea, I'm sure.

Then I simply added a large sticker to the front to complete the embellishment, but of course you could add a title or just embellish the cover in any way you would like.

I wrote inspiring quotes and Bible verses on the pages and trimmed each one with a sticker.

The mini journal was finished!  I can see this being used in many different ways.  You could make a mini cookbook, maybe a Christmas cookie book or one of simple, easy menus to keep in a purse and pull out for ideas at the supermarket.  A little book of themed tips or household hints might be nice, too.  Endless ideas for this one -- and they would make wonderful stocking stuffers!


  1. A lovely gift idea. It is beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Luludou!!! I just bought 2 more of the little spiral bound index cards. $1.24 at Walmart, and I have all of the other supplies on hand except that I will need to hit the dollar store for some more stickers.


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