Friday, January 10, 2014

Fudge Bonbon Cookies

... for next year's cookie trays!  Or maybe I will make some for Valentine's Day!
Photo from Taste of Home
While browsing through December back issues of Country Woman magazine, I came upon this recipe for Fudge Bonbon Cookies.  (Does anyone else do this -- browse through December back issues of favorite magazines?  If you don't, you should.  I haven't personally bought a Christmas issue of a magazine in quite some time (though I've occasionally been gifted with some), but I have stacks of December back issues of Woman's Day, Family Circle, and of course, Country Woman, Taste of Home, etc.  Many of them have much nicer recipes and craft and decor ideas than what the newer magazines have, plus far fewer ads.)

Anyway, when I came upon this recipe I remembered baking these cookies years ago from Cook & Tell, a fabulous cooking newsletter that has sadly ceased publication.  The cookies are the molded type, made from an easy dough that incorporates sweetened condensed milk and melted chocolate chips.  You mold the cookie dough into balls around an unwrapped Hershey's kiss.  One of the reviewers on the Taste of Home site said that she often molded the cookie dough around miniature peanut butter cups or -- her family's favorite -- miniature Mounds bars. 

I'm going to be trying this!  Maybe you'd like to add a recipe to your 2014 baking list, too!


  1. when you do try these let us know, they sound good!

  2. I will! I have made these cookies before. but only with the chocolate kisses in them. I really like the idea of using miniature Mounds bars (mini Almond Joys would be good too, wouldn't they?) and I will try them if Mr. T has some in his candy stash or if he can find some on one of his Rite Aid or CVS deals before Valentine's Day. I'll keep you posted!

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Oh those look soooooo good.


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