Friday, January 31, 2014

A lovely Christmas poem

From my personal collection of vintage Christmas cards
As you know if you've been visiting my Christmas kitchen any length of time,  I enjoy re-reading older issues of December magazines.  I have quite a large stash of them (2 shelves in a tall bookcase) and I do refer back to many of them -- not every year, but every few years.  Country Woman magazines are some that I like to look through every year.  They are filled with inspiration for crafts, decorating, recipes, and are just fun and interesting to read.  On the back cover, there's often a poem by a reader.  I love a good Christmas poem!

On the back of the November/December 2004 Country Woman, there's a simply lovely poem which I would like to share with you.  The poet is Sharron Grotegut.  Here it is:

The Warmth of December

The fragrance of fir boughs,
     hot chocolate and spice,
Smiles exchanged as we skate on the ice,
The laughter of children on a 
     blustery day,
Sleigh bells jingling a tune on our way,
A frosty cloud on the breath,
     a woolen-warm hand,
Early darkness blanketing the land.

Flickering candles and
     sweet clusters of holly,
The wide-open arms of a snowman 
     who's jolly,
A chorus of angels to God up above,
Songs of the season that amplify love;
Christmas lights strung,
     drifted over with snow,
Contours of satin reflecting the glow.

Presents lovingly packaged and sealed,
A trickling tear when the gift is revealed;
Turkey, plum pudding,
     a peppermint cane,
Garlands of memories,
     frost etched on the pane.
A month that crackles at fireside's ember,
Things in the heart bring the
     warmth of December.
~ Sharron Grotegut, Moncton, New Brunswick

Isn't that simply beautiful?  I love how she touches on each and every aspect of the season.  One of my favorite phrases is "Christmas lights strung, drifted over with snow", because I love how colored lights look with snow on them.

a little lighted fir tree by our garage
Hope you all enjoy this poem as much as I did.  I thought it was too lovely not to share.

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