Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Just 2 weeks ago ...

It's hard to believe that Christmas Eve day was only two weeks ago.  I took some pictures around that time of various Christmas preparations around my house, but never found time to post them.  This is a  Christmas blog -- so it's never too late or early to post Christmas pictures here!  I'm  just going to keep it simple by posting the pictures with captions.
A Christmas cookie tray (all cookies made by my wonderful husband) all ready to wrap for the neighbors.  I got the cute star-shaped cookie plates on an after Christmas clearance on year.  They have a snowman design.

The kitchen island laden with homemade hot chocolate mix, cookie and candy canisters, and cinnamon pretzels -- just some of our output of kitchen gifts.

The center shelf of the hutch reveals it's the day before Christmas.  I love the little glittery houses and the sweet wintry animal figurines.

More of the hutch decor.  How I love decorating for this beautiful season!

Sorry the photo is tilted; I was taking these in a terrible hurry.  The little bears are from my daughters' childhood and the little teapot and cup (inside the dome) are gifts from a blog friend.  The dome is an after-Christmas buy  at Marshalls, the plates from a similar sale at Wal*Mart, and the cardinal teapot from a similar sale at Yankee Candle, all some years ago.  The red snowman mug is a thrift-store find.

The Christmas hutch in its entirety, with my vintage shadow box (made from an old wooden silverware tray) on top.  You can see into the living room and a glimpse of the lighted tree.

Christmas tree and reflection

Tins full of goodies in cold storage on the front porch

Two finished owl hot packs waiting to be wrapped for granddaughters
And a basket of cones and greenery on the front porch
Hope you enjoyed this look at our simple pre-Christmas home!


  1. Oh, I love EVERYTHING!!!! Your home is so warm and inviting.

    Thanks so much for posting...I think I need these sorts of posts as much after Christmas as I do before. I hate having to put all the magic away for another year, and this cheers me up. Thank you!

  2. You are welcome, Tammy! I think that's one reason why I have a Christmas blog -- so I don't have to put all the magic away! It cheers *me* up to come here, too!

    Thanks for your kind and thoughtful words. Please come here and visit in my Christmas kitchen any time at all. You are always welcome, and the archives are full of nifty ideas!


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