Thursday, December 27, 2018

Thinking about putting away your Christmas wrappings?

I'm thinking about it.  Only thinking, at this point.  I may do just a bit of after-Christmas shopping if I find something I need in the clearance at the supermarket or other stores.  And then, of course, I will add any gift-wrapping supplies to my stash and will attempt to get it organized before storing.  Tags are something I often need, as I prefer not to use the stick-on ones.  Sometimes I can't resist, though -- there are such pretty ones out there!

In sifting through my saved ideas for my December Daily posts  here in the Christmas kitchen, I found some wonderful free printable gift tags.

This post: Ultimate guide to free printable gift tags from Melissa at The Inspired Room, is definitely the ultimate.  It is a 2016 post so I went through it to see if all of the links still work.  I found only a few which did not, and most of those can still be accessed by going to the home page of the particular blogger and searching the freebies. 

In one such search I discovered these Printable gift tags from The DIY Mommy,  in some of the most luscious colors imaginable.  If you need tags for next year, you will want to check out these ideas.

Or, you could just do as I have done and make tags out of Christmas cards (like the ones illustrating this post) from previous years.  I'm finding that these tags are handy to tuck into a Christmas card or an Etsy order as a little added gift.  Over on my other blog, I'm going to be reminding people about how to make these, not that it needs a lot of explanation.

Have fun with these tag ideas!


  1. My entire philosophy of wrappings and tags changed after hearing the frustration of my brother-in-law with my sister’s vast collection. He said, “This paper is so old and brittle it is not worth my time to try and make it work.” Then I thought of all my moments of frustration with wrapping paper gone brittle and a lightbulb went on. I must write about this on my own blog one day. I used to like nothing better than to stock up on papers after Christmas. I do not do that anymore. Tags...a different story! Love finding sweet tags. I prefer the ones that tie on to the package. I remember using Melissa’s tags one Christmas. I think they were the ones that looked like birch trees that I found particularly charming. (P.S. Our snow has already switched to pinging sleet. Bummer.)

    1. That is a good thought of your brother-in-law's, Vee. He is right. We used to always stock up on paper after Christmas ... now we don't even bother. There is one kind, though -- it is a sort of plastic or mylar, I guess -- looks like shiny foil but it is much more flexible. I like to use that in wrapping gifts for Nevada since it does not tear and is much more forgiving when gifts wrapped it in are being wedged into a flat rate box.

      I have found, also, that tissue paper tends not to get brittle, so I have quite a hoard of the vintage tissue paper prints and colors.

      Tags.. yes, I prefer the tie on ones also. Need to get busy and make some.

  2. Gift tags I try to make with recycled Christmas cards.

    1. That's my preference too, Lucie!


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