Friday, December 28, 2018

Microwave Eggnog Fudge

Photo by Blair at The Seasoned Mom
Okay, if you're like me, you're probably more than ready to be done with candy making of any type for the season.  But what if you're invited to a get-together for New Year's Eve and need to bring something sweet?  This easy microwave fudge uses only basic ingredients (it does not call for eggnog, but uses spices and flavorings instead) and is fast, fast, fast. 

The recipe is by Blair at The Seasoned Mom, and you can find it here: Microwave Eggnog Fudge

I would be likely to leave out the rum flavoring myself, even though it's a signature flavor of eggnog, because I just don't care for boozy flavors.  With other eggnog-flavored recipes that I have, I find that nutmeg and real vanilla work just fine.  In this case, cinnamon is also called for and I think it would be good.

Blair gives a basic 3-ingredient recipe with specifics for the eggnog fudge, but also details how this can be made with varying kinds of chips and mix-ins to create other fudge flavors. 

Although I have not yet tried her recipe, I have tried a chocolate variation of a similar recipe: Arlene’s Easy Fudge, and it is absolutely fantastic.  So if you are more of a chocolate mood, go for that one.

Even if you aren't in need of a fast fudge recipe right now, you will want to file these away for next year!  Pinterest might make a good repository if you don't quite trust your memory.


  1. I don't like white chocolate but would do this using the vanilla and nutmeg as you suggested and dark chocolate

  2. Mmmm ... that does sound like a nice flavor combination!


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