Friday, December 07, 2018

Worth the read: an exhortation to be still this Christmas season

Four of my grandkids doing their annual Christmas cookie baking in 2017
I read this last Christmas and think it's something we should reread every year: Be Still: Resist  the Christmas Urgency, by Sarah Beals at Joy-Filled Days.

It can be oh-so-tempting to feel as if we have to do all the Christmas things.  We want to make everything so special for our families.  Sarah relates how she asked her kids what made the Christmas season special to them -- what they saw as the parts of the season that they considered important family traditions.  To her surprise, their list was nothing like hers and included very simple things done together as a family.

Sarah shares a list of ten things we might want to do with our families this season to help us be still and truly savor Christmas.

She concludes with these wise words: "Tis the season to slow down and savor, to be thankful for what’s in front of you. These days that will pass so quickly and be gone forever. Days so full that we might just miss them if we don’t purposefully stop and notice. This is the day–the moment–the Lord has made. It’s up to us to rejoice and be glad in it right now. Joy comes in the present. It’s not found in the chase for more, or in the memory of the good old days. It’s found now."

I love this advice!  Head on over and read the entire post.  You will be blessed, I guarantee it!


  1. Okay...I’m off!

  2. Okay.I’m back. Balance in all things,,,time to go and do and time to be still and quiet, So many children (adults, too) are feckless, The year I went to the Christmas concert when I wanted to stay home and veg instead is a wonderful memory. Simply experiencing for myself The Hallejulah Chorus being performed as the entire audience stood to their feet...awesome! Perhaps we need to simply ask The Lord what it is we should do and what can be let go.

    This does remind me that I once asked my kids, after they had grown, what the biggest regret of their childhood had been and I was shocked by their answer. 😳

    You have made me think this morning! That may or may not be a good thing.

  3. I will try to read that article. Always a great idea to slow down and savor the holidays


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