Thursday, December 06, 2018

A Christmas shop worth visiting

In yesterday's post I promised to come back and share more about Kellerhaus, the shop where we traditionally take several of our grandkids for ice cream after our Christmas shopping trip with them.

We often brought our own kids here during the Christmas times of long ago.  Now it's fun to share this with our grandkids too.  Back in the day, there were a lot more animated figures, like elves in a workshop, or a Bavarian band (if I remember right).  But there is still plenty of enchantment.

Some of these photos are from previous years.  The decor varies quite a bit from year to year, as do the items being offered for sale.
Kids love the player piano that plays Christmas tunes for 25¢.
They were very disappointed that it was out of order.
Such a magical place to enjoy an ice cream sundae!

And I mean REALLY enjoy an ice cream sundae!
Santa is "sleeping" at his workshop.  Turn that dial beside the red and green stocking and you can see him breathe and hear him snore!
 The view of lake and mountains is lovely this time of year.  This is the view from the ice cream parlor area.
Pretty Christmas trees are everywhere!
These felt trees from this year are gorgeous in person!  I hope to try making some trees like these.
Josiah liked these tiny bird dishes and put his hand in the photo so you can get an idea of just how tiny these little plates are.
"Lake life."  Need we say more?
These lake-themed plates and mugs are beautiful too. 
These dimensional winter scenes hold flameless candles.
Last year, Josiah posed with an elf in the "Pictures with Santa" area
This was a fun display from last year.  That is a cookie jar front and center!
Kellerhaus is a candy shop too!  The chocolates and other candies are made in the room in back of this display.
I always enjoy seeing the beautifully decorated fireplaces.  There are many!
There's even a pretty lighted wreath on the chimney!
Hope you've enjoyed browsing through one of our favorite Lakes Region shops!  If you are ever in New Hampshire, Kellerhaus  is well worth a visit.


  1. Love shops such as these! A bit of everything and so interesting.

    Kellerhaus means “cellar house” in English. We used to have a German restaurant called “The Kornhaus Keller.” My German friend thought it a terrible name for a restaurant. ☺️


    1. I just discovered that my link, although it took one to the Kellerhaus site, wasn't too helpful. So I've switched it to show the ice cream part of the shop.

      In this case the shop is named Kellerhaus because the family who started the ice cream and candy business was named Keller. There is a link at the top of the site to read the history, which is quite interesting.

  2. What a beautiful Shoppe! How lucky for you to have a place like that around you and to share with your grandkids


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