Sunday, December 16, 2018

A fun idea for rustic Christmas decorating ... or gifting!

Image by Twigg Studios
This project reminds me of a lovely gift we received one year from our future son-in-law when he was in college.  He made a very pretty gift out of a decorative glass bottle filled with greenery and berries, water and, I think, some oil.  A floating wick was then placed on top and the wick could be lit to serve as a sort of candle or oil lamp.  Some people made these without oil or a wick and simply placed a round floating candle on top.

When I saw this Rustic Holiday Mason Jar Diffuser by Mary Beth at The How-To Home, I immediately thought of that long-ago gift -- they have been married for 18 years now!  I went looking to see if I could find a photo with the lamp in it.  (No digital camera in those days!)  In the only photo I could find, the lamp was on a table with other decorative items and it was just too dark to show up well.  Eventually the greenery molded (though that took a long time) and had to be discarded.

I'm sure that you can get an idea of how it looked when you see Mary Beth's photo, below:
Photo by Mary Beth at The How-To Home (formerly Cupcakes and Crinoline)
Her diffuser is an even more practical idea in that it requires no water, is not flammable, and the greenery will not mold.  Who knew diffuser lids were available for Mason jars?  Certainly not me!

Have fun with this idea!


  1. So simple; so sweet. i do a similar thing with an old apothecary bottle. Charming! (You sure introduce a lot of new to me many to visit; so little time! My new criteria is this: ads or no ads? )

    1. Not a bad criteria at all! It annoys me when blogs have a lot of ads, even more if the ads seem to run counter to the tone or content of the blog itself.

  2. So simple and so beautiful. this is a really great idea

  3. Thanks, Lucie. I love sharing good ideas when I come across them.


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