Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Fabric gift tags!

Here's a fun idea!  I know that many people nowadays don't use this type of a tie-on gift tag; they just slap on a self-stick one.  But I still like the type with string and I make a bunch every year from the previous year's Christmas cards.  The quick projects I'm sharing today are nicer still.

Actually, "fabric gift tags" is a bit of a misnomer, as the tags themselves are not actually made of fabric.  "Fabric-trimmed gift tags" would be more accurate.

At top you see a sample of some tags I made years ago.  This is the only one remaining from that tag-making binge.  I think I originally found the idea in a Gooseberry Patch Christmas book.

If you would like to make some, here is what I did.  You will need:  blank 3 x 5-inch index cards, scraps of Christmas fabric, pencil, scissors, fusible web, cookie cutters or other templates for designs, hole punch, crochet cotton, fine point permanent marker, buttons and hot glue.  Fold the index card in half and crease it.  Punch a hole in the corner, going through both layers.  Fuse fabric to web and trace desired designs  on the paper side; then fuse the fabric shape to the front of the tag.  Hot glue a button to the center of the design if you like.  Use the permanent marker to make little "stitch marks" around the outer edge of the fabric shape.  Cut a short length of crochet cotton and thread it through the holes in the corner of the tag.  You are finished!

And recently I found another fun idea which I am definitely going to try: fabric gift tags from Live Laugh Rowe.
Photo by Live Laugh Rowe
I think I have everything on hand that I need to make up some of these.   They are so cute! 


  1. Those are cute! There have been years when I have been desperate for tags and these would have been a cute choice.

    1. Yes! I really hope to think of making some of these this year. A good way to use up teensy scraps of Christmas fabric that I can never bear to throw away!

  2. They are very nice! I wonder if some of them are sewn on the paper...

    1. I think that the ones in the bottom photo are sewn onto the tags. It sure looks that way to me.


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