Friday, December 21, 2018

A vintage poem -- "A Little Bit of Christmas"

I recently found this poem, by Garnett Ann Schultz, in a 1957 Christmas Ideals magazine.  I was sure my readers would enjoy it, also.

A Little Bit of Christmas

Just a little bit of Christmas 
and the whole world seems to glow
With a special sort of laughter
that we love and treasure so --
Nothing more than just some holly
or a wreath upon the door
And it fills our hearts with Christmas 
and the season we adore.

Just a little bit of giving
and we know a warmth and pride,
There's a feeling of contentment,
ever growing deep inside --
It is such a pleasant custom
as we tie each package bright
And, however small the present,
it's the thought that brings delight.

Just a little bit of praying
and how very sure we are
That we've found God ever loving,
 and we've seen that wondrous star.
There are angel voices singing
and their music fills the air
With a little bit of Christmas
being scattered everywhere.

Just a little bit of knowing
of the meaning of this day
And a little real believing
in the words we kneel and pray,
Just a little bit of sharing,
all the faith it might impart
Just a little bit of Christmas 
puts a peace in every heart.
~ Garnett Ann Schultz

Lovely, I thought.  Hope you enjoy it too.


  1. Yes, that is a good poem. Jesus changes things, especially if we invite Him into our hearts and allow Him to. And I love that sweet New Englandy graphic. My white world is leaving even as I write. Oh well!

  2. Did you click the graphic to enlarge? As you might have guessed, it's a scan of a vintage Christmas card, and there is more to it.

    Raining here too, but I doubt all of the snow will go. One never knows! 😊🎄

  3. Thanks, Lucie! I loved it too.

  4. So glad to find this Poem! "A little bit of Christmas" by Ann Schultz was the title on our school Christmas program from 1963. Did not have the poem itself on it though. Thank You!

  5. Oh, how fun is that, that you have found the poem after all these years! I'm glad I happened to post it! 😊🎄


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