Saturday, July 11, 2020

Crocheted goodness to make now for gifts

Smallish crochet projects, like the scarf above, are perfect to make in July and stash away for Christmas gifts.  I don't mind crocheting in summer, even at a picnic table or in a camping chair, as long as the project is not too large or too heavy.  On Kim Layton's Everything Etsy blog, I found this delightful post: DIY Crochet Slipper Patterns.

But this post contains far more than slipper patterns, fun as those are.   (I was really taken with the look of this slipper pattern from 2 Create in Color,

Photo from 2 Create in Color
and could easily have gotten sidetracked by grabbing a hook and yarn to start right in, but noticing it was crocheted in the round and required the use of stitch markers kept me from it.)

Kim's post also includes links to fun scarf patterns, hat patterns, and headband patterns to crochet. Every bit as much fun is a link to her free printable labels for crocheted gifts: Free printable crochet gift labels.  These are adorable and could be used on any small crocheted projects, even dishcloths as shown in the photo.  I love how they look printed on kraft paper!
Photo from Everything Etsy
Have fun with these sweet crochet ideas!


  1. I wish I could crochet. My grandmothers tried to teach me from time to time, but my stitches are tight and keep getting tighter as I go along. Oh well.

  2. Oh I like the look of those ballet style slippers, too, but they sound too complicated for my wee brain. Yes, now is the time to get cracking if so many other chores that can only be done in summer were not screaming for my attention. Happy weekend, Sara!

  3. My gma use to do slippers and I always liked them but that has been years ago.

  4. I don't crochet - just never seemed to be able to get the hang of it - but those slippers are so cute! What a great stocking stuffer.

  5. I've been crocheting some scarves for gifts and to use up my yarn stash! such a fun thing to do.


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