Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Using household items as Christmas decor

I've shared before how I go back through my old emails (read or unread) for ideas to use in my Christmas in July posts.  For today's, I want to share something I found in just this way.  It's a great 2015 post by Laura at The Turquoise Home concerning using inexpensive household items as Christmas decor.  Laura's post gives lots of wonderful information and ideas for doing just that.

As I was considering what photo of my own I might use to illustrate this post, it struck me that the one above would be just about perfect.  I'm not sure that Laura mentions any of the items I used in the vignette above, but I definitely did use ordinary household items in putting it together.

That's a dish towel underneath it all.  Red and white, though you can't see that in the sepia toned photo. There's a cookbook, an oversized teacup filled with cookie cutters, a milk bottle filled with salt, a mini cutting board, a child's rolling pin, a recipe from a friend.  To me this is so much fun -- just looking around my house to see what I can put together for a vignette.

Some of the household items Laura suggests are: twine, epsom salt, mason jars, chalk, clothespins, wrapping paper, kraft paper, and more.  You'll find many great ideas for using these things in Christmas decor over at  The Turquoise Home,  so head on over and enjoy!


  1. I wish I had read something like this 20 years ago. I was a product of that generation who bought so many Christmas decorations and now here I find myself loving the most simple ones. I also have noticed in my growing up pictures how much I loved the simplicity of things. A little ribbon, a little greenery, a few oranges, etc. I have cut mine way back and of course because I did buy so much along the way there is no need to ever buy anything new again:)

  2. Cute and clever!

  3. Good ideas and I do it all year long. Some things are too good to save for Christmas.

  4. Cute will go see her website. Like the salt in the milk bottle and the mini rolling pin


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