Saturday, July 04, 2020

A few of my favorite red, white and blue Christmas cards

So Christmas in July finds me on vacation in Nevada this year.  I'm blogging from my tablet, without access to my iPhoto library or my collection of graphics.  I thought that an easy way to do a July 4th post might be to simply share some of my favorite red, white and blue Christmas cards.

The card at top is one such example.  I like the simple design of bells, the red ribbon and the scattering of stars.  The black stars at the right seem to be issuing from the bell, which is sort of interesting.

  • Above is the inside of this card.  The greeting reads: "When the Christmas bells are ringing with their sweet and merry chime, may they fill your heart with gladness and the cheer of Christmastime."
Below is probably the favorite red, white and blue card in my vintage card collection.  I love this vintage ski jumping scene! 💙

The card below was sent to me along with other vintage cards by a friend from New Zealand.  Love it!  I think the white snowflakes on a blue background are especially fun.
 Love the card below as it prominently features the American flag.

 I like the lantern card below.  Such a classic Americana look.
 Below is the interior of the snowflake "Noel, Noel" card.

The sweet red and blue holly sprig below is from the inside of the ski jumping card.

Patriotic cards seem especially meaningful this year, in light of all that our beloved country is going through.  Hope that this simple post has encouraged someone today!


  1. I was with Mother yesterday and we were looking at an old scrapbook of her Christmas cards from the 50s. So interesting.

  2. I would never have thought of a patriotic red, white, and blue Christmas card, but you have shown us that they do indeed exist.

  3. I love the font inside the first card. They're all so cute. There's just something about patriotic Christmas images... I enjoy them!

  4. All cute cards but my favorite is the ski juming one too

  5. Love the flag flying over the church and village.


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