Friday, July 03, 2020

Jack and Jill, December 1959

Who remembers Jack and Jill,  the children's magazine of years gone by?  I came upon this -- one of many issues of Jack and Jill -- at the old homestead I am clearing out.  This will go in my Etsy shop (link in sidebar), but first I wanted to share it with all of you here in my Christmas kitchen.  I love how the letters in the magazine title look as if they are topped with snow!

Here are some of the 68 pages inside this vintage magazine:
This one is an exciting fiction story titled Snowstorm on the Turnpike.  There are lots of other stories as well, several in the category of "read-along stories".  In addition there are poems galore and even a table grace.

The above page included craft ideas for how kids could "help Santa trim the tree!"
The issue included a sweet idea for a Christmas song!
The true story of Christmas was prominently featured in this issue.

 This maze, titled "Gathering Greens" was the last page of the magazine.  There are loads of other fun activities, including a crossword puzzle, a coloring page, a dot-to-dot and more.
 Two pages of Gifts to Make for the Family help satisfy a child's need to create and also their slim budget for family gifts.  I recognized a couple of these as items I tried to make, back in the day.
Even a few recipes for Holiday Goodies are included!
There is even a Grownups' Page with lots of interesting ideas; sort of a little mini-almanac with a recipe or two, reminders, ideas for family activities and really some wonderful ideas for Christmas reading.  I found that Home Book of Christmas on Thriftbooks, a like-new copy for only $5 or so, and I think I'm going to get it.  It could provide some great blog fodder, I'm thinking!
The back of the magazine features an order form for those who would like to subscribe for themselves or as a gift.  I love the vintage-y goodness of this advertisement!  A 1-year subscription could be had for $3.50 -- or $3 if you gave two or more gift subscriptions!  There's another subscription ad inside the magazine, and that has such a fun vintage look also.

 Hope you've enjoyed this peek into Christmas 1959!

[Edited to add: I now find that I wrote a post about this magazine last December!  What a short memory I have (or maybe the coronavirus has affected it)!  I do apologize, but since the posts are slightly different -- the December post discussed a surprise I found within the pages of the magazine, and today's post features a few more of the pages -- I'm going to keep them both.]


  1. That subscription was a bit pricey for the times, which explains why I didn't have this magazine. I do remember seeing it and I had a warm fuzzy moment when I came to the maze. I always loved those things in schoolwork or magazines. It must be so difficult ti get through everythjng when you want to sit down and enjoy a thing all over again. I want to know the rest of the story about Terry! 🙂 Isn't it wonderful that the true story of Christmas was shared?! Wish that it were true today.

  2. I always looked forward to Jack and Jill arriving in the mail every month when I was little!

  3. That looks like a neat magazine. Bet you did look forward to getting it.

  4. I remember Jack and Jill... my brother and I would argue over who got to read it first. It's still available today.

  5. Have never heard of that magazine but I like all you posted! :)


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