Monday, July 20, 2020

Lovely vintage style ornament

Photo from The How To Home
Vintage style ornaments made from repurposed bits and pieces can be so much fun!  This one from Mary Beth at The How To Home is no exception.  I was intrigued to see how it was put together, and to think about what I might have to use in making one.  

Mary Beth used a lid from a jar candle as the base for her ornament.  I hadn't seen that done before, but I'm tickled to have a potential use for these lids.  I usually throw them away because I can seldom think of anything to do with them.

The green wreath and "Merry Christmas" is a paper design that Mary Beth designed and then cut from paper.  I think an appropriate sized cut-out from a repurposed Christmas card might be even more fun and so I'm going to try that.

The Santa at the left of the ornament is from a 3-D gift tag. When I see these tags, I often think there must  be a creative way to re-use them. This is it!

And the bottle brush tree was just a little inexpensive generic one until Mary Beth sprinkled it with sparkly star sequins.  What a difference just a little sparkle makes!

Mary Beth's post on how to make a vintage style ornament has really inspired me.  Why not go take a look and see what you might create on this summer day?  I've noticed that working on a Christmas craft can sometimes make me feel a little bit cooler!


  1. Sweet and, if you are to be believed, a way to combat heat. 🧊☀️🧊

  2. These would be cute to do with some of your vintage cards. I am going to pin this for remembering at some point when I have free time that I could use some of my scrapbooks to do this.

  3. That is a great use for the lid.

  4. Great ornament... homemade ornaments have so much more value!


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